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Product Name: Rolling Kneading Massager
Product Model: YS-016A(Purple)
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Product Information:
1). This offering is a new generation of super-functional foot massage with unique and innovative structural design, upscale and elegant appearance, and a collection of multi-point rotary kneading massage, low-frequency pulse, and hyperthermia functions.
2). Multi-function and multi-modes bring user a new experience in multiple health massage.
3). This kneading massage machine originates from a massage a reflex zone therapy for years of experience and research, in particular, the main points and the soles reflex zones, body reflex zones. It adopts different modes of kneading massage with low-frequency pulse function. It is also designed according to the concept of modern technology. It can eliminate the daily stress of foot, bring user the most effective and dynamic foot massage, and allow user to enjoy unlimited pleasure!
4). Health Massage combined with fixed-point kneading, low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy, and infrared pulse function gives user an unparalleled experience.
5). Mobile intelligent controller can be freely stretched, which makes it convenient and comfortable.
    It is designed according to ergonomics. The massage intensity can be easily adjusted by tilting body, which makes user extremely comfortable.
6). 6 massage heads, strong intensity, and simulation manual kneading, easy to reach the depth of foot massage points.
7). Around the massage heads is the low-frequency region.  Automatic and manual selection of 25 different pulse massage modes, each one gives different sense of enjoyment.
8). This machine is specially equipped with external electrode wire and electrode patches for massaging various parts of the body.  Kneading massage and pulse massage can be individually selected or used at the same time.

patent No.: ZL.2009305519.5

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